Doctors Orders: Play Golf!

The mission of the National Council for Better Health Through Golf is to provide public health education services and advocacy support that encourages improved health and wellness for others through the game of golf.

This organization has the support of golf and health professionals, educators, researchers, allied golf associations, business and industry leaders, fitness experts, and golf enthusiasts.

Through our efforts–and those of our partners and supporters like you–we strive to reach all segments of the community: Men, Women, Youth, Seniors, Veterans, and Individuals with disabilities (i.e. ADD, ALS, Alzheimer, Arthritis, Cystic Fibrosis, Diabetes, Heart-related conditions, Panic Anxiety, Parkinson’s, and Stroke).

Education and awareness efforts (on the positive benefits of the sport and related golf initiatives) will be directed to first-time golfers as well as individuals who previously played the game, but may have left the sport due to work and/or family commitments.

Our Objectives:

  • Create partnerships between medical/health care professionals and golf professionals that will help promote better health through golf.
  • Encourage doctors and health care providers to display literature in their offices/clinics that support this better-health initiative.
  • Conduct research through the help of allied golf associations, medical institutions, and universities, compiling data that tracks the positive benefits of exercise (on course and range) and how it improves the mental and physical ability of golfers.
  • Host symposiums that will bring together golf and health care professionals to discuss the benefits of the sport as it relates to wellness and community. Topics will span technology advancements in health and golf, introductions to fitness & player development programs, and instruction clinic provided by PGA professionals, as well as an on-course component.
  • Encourage CPR and defibrillator education programs at golf facilities.
  • Through the use of multiple media forums coupled with our grassroot efforts, the National Council for Better Health Through Golf will support existing player development initiatives such as those found under the umbrella of Play Golf America including Get Golf Ready in 5 Days.

We invite you to explore our site and contact us with any questions or suggestions. We also welcome your involvement and endorsement of Better Health Through Golf.