Play Golf

Play Golf!

Listed below are programs and initiatives that promote participation in the game while also encouraging vibrant living:

  • Bring Your Kids to the Golf Range: Designed for familiy members who are interested in visiting a range facility where they can hit golf balls together and improve golf swings. Excellent golf outing for busy families.
  • Family Golf Month: A program that encourages family members to learn the game of golf together.
  • First Swing: Is one of several Play Golf America programs designed for individuals who want to learn to play the game of golf. It’s designed to improve skills, game knowledge and proficiency.
  • Free Lesson Month: A free 10-minute lesson provided by PGA & LPGA teaching professionals. Open to beginners, casual or avid golfers.
  • Link Up 2 Golf: An introductory golf program for beginning and/or returning golfers that includes instruction and on-course experiences.
  • Saving Strokes Program: Free PGA and LPGA instruction for stroke victors who are interested in taking up the game or returning to the sport.
  • Take Your Daughter/Son to the Course Week: Designed to encourage youth to experience the game of golf with a parent, grandparent, uncle, aunt, etc.
  • The Fred & Judy Alexander Foundation: Provides free introductory golf clinics for children, families, and individuals with disabilities.
  • The First Tee: Provides learning opportunities and educational programs that promote character development and life-enhancing values through the game of golf.
  • Women’s Golf Month: Designed to offer women 14 years of age and older (during the month of June) free golf lessons and golf-related networking and social activities customized by each host facility.
  • PGA Disabled Sports Military Golf Program: Specially designed for veterans and wounded warriors who want to learn the game of game of golf.
  • Junior Links: A virtual initiative ( that serves as a communication vehicle for youth, parents and program administrators about golf programs and opportunities for kids.
  • Get Golf Ready: A new program that introduces players to the game of golf in five simple sessions. Classes are taught by trained PGA & LPGA professionals and the sessions are designed to be both fun and informative. Classes include on-course activities, too.

Several of the learning opportunities listed above can be found by visiting Simply visit the site, insert your zip code and you’ll discover clinics and classes at courses and ranges near your home and/or workplace.

Other organizations/programs that support healthy environments on course and in the community include:

  • Oakland Turgrass Education InitiativeEnables inner city youth to learn more about the turfgrass industry and educational opportunities related to the industry.
  • GCSANC Ball Mark Repair Education ProgramDesigned to educate golfers about the importance of maintaining healthy greens through proper ball mark repair.
  • California Alliance for Golf To serve as an educational resource and advocate for golf before legislative bodies while protecting the economic and environmental aspects of the game.
  • The Environmental Institute for Golf Is committed to strengthening the compatibility of the game of golf with the natural environment.
  • Sun Safe Tee ProgramIs a skin cancer awareness program which provides educational seminars to golf enthusiast (professional and amateurs) so they can enjoy a lifetime of health golf.
  • Smart with a Cart Program– An education awareness program that encourages golf cart safety.
  • An organizations that is passionate about the walking game of golf and its numerous health benefits.