Benefits of Joining Us

The organization serves a wide range of constituencies:



Doctors can improve the quality of life for themselves by playing the game of golf and/or by participating in growth of the game initiatives.

A physician can help extend the life of a patient by encouraging a recreational activity such as golf.

Doctors can help support a sport they enjoy by helping spread the word, i.e. by displaying literature in the office; personally distributing brochures to individuals they come in contact with at work, home or in the community.

Physicians can encourage colleagues to play the game, either as a twosome, foursome or by setting up a league or associate club.

Doctors and nurses can share with others (who are thinking about taking the sport) how golf has had a positive impact on their life.

Medical experts can serve as contributors/writers to, sharing their knowledge with golf enthusiasts and others who seek practical tips on wellness.

Doctors can serve as panelists at golf & health symposiums and at golf related consumer shows and events. They can also benefit from PGA golf instruction held in conjunction with various golf events.

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Golf Professionals

Golf professionals can improve the quality of life for others through teaching the game of golf in a safe and inviting manner.

Golf Professionals can collaborate with their doctors and share the important factors that surround golf and renewed health.

Members of the golf profession can encourage physicians and other medical industry representatives to play the game of golf and experience the growth of the game initiatives currently available through Play Golf America and other related programs.

Teaching Professionals can share their knowledge about the game by providing golf tips through the website:

Members of the PGA of America and LPGA can serve as guest speakers and clinic instructors golf & health symposiums that are endorsed by The National Council for Better Health Through Golf.

Golf Professionals can encourage medical professionals to join them in Pro-Am events at their club or neighboring facilities.

Golf Professionals can pursue CPR education and formal training on how to properly use a defibrillator.

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Golf Facilities

Golf facilities who are interested in good/renewed health for their employees canl encourage alliances with nearby health and fitness experts.

In efforts to meet the needs of aging boomers (members and/or guests) golf facilities can promote clinic and classes that include a wellness component.

Golf facilities that have successfully integrated wellness programs can share their best practices with others through

Courses and clubs who are interested in securing health industry experts for events or member functions can do so through contacting the National Council for Better Health Through Golf.

Golf courses and range facilities who are committed to providing a safe environment for guests will consider having a defibrillator on site.

Golf course owners who take pride in keeping their staff members prepared for all situations will encourage regular CPR Training for their employees.

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Golf Enthusiasts

Playing the game of golf can improve the quality of life for individuals.

Walking 9 holes of golf or playing 18 holes (with or without a cart) can help oxygenate the body, improve posture and renew spirit.

Golf is a sport where family members and friends can play together regardless of age or skill level.

The game of golf is one of very few sports that provides a venue for family members to spend quality time together.

Golf is an excellent venue for kids to gain exercise who currently lack physical activity within their daily regimen.

Golf enthusiasts can improve their game by participating in classes or clinics available through Play Golf America at their local golf course or range facility.

Golfers can access helpful information about better health and wellness via

Individuals with disabilities can (with doctor’s permission) take advantage of programs that provide specialized golf instruction, i.e. Saving Strokes.

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Business and Community Leaders

Businesses can weave golf into their corporate culture by setting up leagues and partnering with local golf professionals…i.e. Club Cars: Let’s Go Golfing Program.

Companies who provide wellness programs can encourage golf instruction on site, before or after work, or even during the lunch hour.

Businesses that are concerned about level of stress amongst employees can encourage doctors and health professionals to team up with golf professionals at an on-site Golf and Wellness Day.

Businesses can encourage health and wellness by displaying literature about the benefits of golf as well as related programs and initiatives.

Companies that manufacture health-related products (that extend the life of others) are invited to support the National Council for Better Health Through Golf by participating and/or underwriting education initiatives that encourage wellness through the game.

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Allied Associations

Allied associations who care about the health of their members can benefit through educational partnerships with physicians and medical industry experts who are passionate about the game of golf.

In efforts to introduce new players to the game (or former players back to the sport) golf organizations can expand their reach by including a wellness component, encouraging doctors and nurses to participate in current programs and clinics (i.e. Free Lesson Month, Women’s Golf Month, Play Golf America Day and Get Golf Ready).

National golf organizations who want to increase awareness about existing growth of the game initiatives can do so with the support of the National Council for Better Health Through Golf and through cross-linking web sites.



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